Advisory Council “Think Tank”

Dr. Claudia Rinaldi

Boston, MA

Special Ed/Spanish

Professor of Special Ed at Lasell College, specializes in teaching ELL students.

Dr. Candace Bray

Sedgwick, ME


Literacy expert who has her thumb on the New England region.

Dr. AnnMarie Urso

Albany, NY


Professor at Geneso College, specializing in assessment and intervention.

Lois Hass

Long Island, NY


Orton-Gillingham tutor in NYC.

Dr. Dory Beutel

St. Cloud, MN


Instructor at St. Cloud University in Minnesota.

Dr. LaSonya Moore

Tampa, FL


Advocate for abused children, based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Dr. Tom Benton

Gainesville, FL


Pediatrician in Gainesville with a heart for outreach.

Alex Farmer

Gainesville, FL


Rector, Servants of Christ Anglican Church

Deanna Dobbs

Highland, IL


Owner of Wild Growth Learning.

Christopher R. Cahill

Jacksonville, FL

Ministry Partner and Co-Chair

Mission based and passionate advocate for change.

Kenneth U. Campbell

Gainesville, FL

Author – CEO – Co Chair

Wrote Great Leaps and dedicated his life to saving children.

Trevor Bonnell

Ocoee, FL

Field Director

Head of the Great Leaps sales team, passionately mission based.

Lisa Skisland

Hawley, PA


All things Great Leaps Digital, trains trainers.

Jacob Hackett

Atlanta, GA

Professor/Community Outreach

Did miracles with Great Leaps in Atlanta and is looking to replicate them.

Margaret Foster

Bethany Beach, Delaware

Director at Educonn

Margaret has devoted her life to connecting innovators on projects that benefit their local communities. Clients have included schools and school systems, as well as worldwide organizations.

Margaret Foster

Bethany Beach, DE

Educonn Director and International Educational Consultant

Dr. Edward C. Taylor, Ph.D.

Jacksonville, FL

Licensed Psychologist, International Dyslexia Association leader and head of The Learning Specialists, a multi-location educational center.