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Dream Big! The Story of Grady High School

Great Leaps Tutoring with Outward Bound Tactics

What can we learn from pairing the tool of Great Leaps with the resources of a dedicated teacher and the support of a community?

Let’s see!

Fresh out of college, Jake Hackett landed in an old high school and what he saw there broke his heart. There were kids in their teens reading below the second-grade level and, like in most high schools, little if anything that was being done to teach reading to these teenagers.

In the same spirit as NALI, Jake did not just bemoan the fact, he did something about it. He gathered some volunteers, got donations from the community and did a summer program. Twenty kids, all reading at or below the second-grade level, came to the Grady High School Reading Camp each day.

The program looked like summer programs but here was the magic – All 20 kids reached independent reading by the end of the summer. Not to mention that disciplinary with those students went down 90%.He did it again the next summer with a new group and had the same results, and then again and again – Four years in a row, success!

Every year a new batch of high school students had their lives changed by learning to read!

Together with great partners NALI, Great Leaps, and our community leaders can change lives.

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Great Leaps has been Highlighted in National Education Publications such as SeenMagazine (See here on page 37)

Sanctuary on 8th Street

This tutoring program provides exceptional and measurable results in reading fluency & math proficiency. Our tutors and volunteers provide one on one, guided intervention. The program is run by a retired educator and a team of trained volunteers. The program is administered daily so students receive one hour of tutoring a week. Interested in joining the team? The training is simple and the rewards are immense.

Hamlin University Review

This study looks at the impact of Great Leaps, a specialized supplemental oral reading fluency program, on two elementary English Language Learners.  Key influences include experience in schools, district mandates, and The National Reading Panel in 2000 which highlighted fluency instruction as an area needing attention.  The research was conducted in the ESL classroom using instruction and systematic observations of the two subject’s performance.  The study concluded that placing attention on oral reading fluency results in improvements.

Making a Difference

There’s One Organization In Town That’s Making a Difference. Great Leaps is a mission driven company fueled by a passion for equipping students for success through simple, effective and fun educational interventions. We have effective language and math interventions but are best known for our one-on-one Reading Intervention. For 20+ years, hundreds of thousands of students with a range of challenges including dyslexia have been to the independent reading level in 15 minutes a day with Great Leaps.

Baldwin Elementary – Reading fluency

The Baldwin’s first grade reading program is all about getting to the problems early. Students who lag their peers by 3rd grade are nearly 3 times more likely to drop out their classmates. takes non-fluent readers to reading fluency (reading approaching the rate of conversation) as quickly as possible. The same GREAT LEAPS used throughout NALI, is used incorporating the most current and proven research available on how young readers acquire and master the skills necessary for reading fluency.”

College Students – Pay it forward

NALI is the bridge often connecting community leaders to great tools and resources of our partners at Great Leaps. Great Leaps is used because it is simple enough that volunteer scan be taught quickly to use it and it works quickly. Students at the Florida Atlantic University – College of Education use Great Leaps and students to create a summer program for the community. “Great Leaps,” according to Dr. Jack Scott, is an “effective tutoring option. Here we have something that has been researched,” said Dr. Scott. “It works and is simple to do.”

The DeTail Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 3, Summer 2012 (no available link)

Recess Intervention & Community Volunteers

vTeachers often do not have the time to take divert attention from the mass-population to those that learn differently. In 2015 Martha Snyder and Glen Verhoff established the Recess program with Great Leaps which has very successfully being used for over a decade administered during only 10-15 minutes of the recess play period and community volunteers.
“Students who previously viewed themselves as failures in the area of reading find themselves reading successfully. They find themselves reading fluently and are amazed and delighted with their own success. With their improved attitude toward reading comes increased learning.”